Helicopter 520 enroute to the Angora Fire

Sunday June 24th we flew from Trimmer Ca. to South Lake Tahoe. The Angora Fire burned 259 homes and many other out buildings. I flew about seven hours and watched 3100 acres burn near Lake Tahoe, I was dipping out of Lake Tahoe. Our flying was restricted by heavy smoke. One our crew had friend that had to deploy his fire shelter, AKA; almost burned up in the forest fire. When he got inside the shelter (think space blanket) he found a local squirrel was in there with him. As there isn’t much spare room in a fire shelter the fire fighter decided to shove the squirrel out in to the fire storm. The squirrel having a highly developed survival sense resisted. After being bitten several times the Fire Fighter decided to let the squirrel share his fire shelter. Both Fire Fighter and squirrel survived with no further injuries.

Ken Carlton
Bell 212 HP
Helicopter 520

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