Down At Copper River

I thought I let everyone know how things are going in Alaska.  First of all
I have a new mechanic, Al, another Marine NCO, like Jack.  Both are self
motivated, and very knowledgeable about the 212, but Jack was one heck of a cook and is sorely missed.  Hey Jack, everyone asks about you and I’ve been
telling them your in jail…just kidding.
The trip went very smoothly, 2400 miles and 17.9 hours of flight time.  We
had some snow showers, but was able to dodge around them.  Everything is
frozen in British Columbia and Yukon, iced over lakes and rivers with lots
of snow still the ground.  Getting back in the good old USA proved to be a
chore as they’ve changed the Customs requirements from last year.  (feel
free to call me if you need info on this this requirement) But,  I was able
get clearances through the internet (no phone calls) and cleared customs at
the Port of Entry on the Alaskan Hwy 80 miles east of Tok.  We landed right
smack dab in the middle of the Alaskan Hwy and had traffic stopped both ways
as the Customs Agents checked us out with Geiger Counters. I explained we
had no dirty bombs but lots of dirty underwear…it wasn’t funny then
either.  How far was traffic backed up….there was no traffic…so no
We got to Tok and immediately took two days off.  I used one of my days to
drop Sid off at Fairbanks Airport for his trip back to the lower 48.  He was
my Co-Pilot on the way up and did a great job.  Our first day on the job was
a paper work drill, then the next day we were sent to the most beautiful
part of Alaska, Copper River.  We’ve had one fire and a lot of refresher
training for me and the Helitack crew.  Feel free to call me anytime, I’m
one hour ahead of California time.

Ken Carlton
Alaska, 2 Hotel Lima

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