Things you can see only in Alaska

I was on a fire the other day and the Incident Commander came over to my
parked helicopter to discussion employment of the helicopter on the fire.
“Reb” was wearing and very nice Elk Skin Jacket with Moose horn buttons.  In
shell loops on the front of the jacket were four .375 Caliber Cartridges.
As Reb explained his choice of rifle to carry while fighting fire, ” I only
want to shoot once”.  This elegant jacket would sell for no less than 600
dollars in Aspin Co.,  Reb had made it from animals he had harvested and
ate, how cool is that?
While eating breakfast this morning in Glennallen Ak, I was reading the
paper and saw the article on eating “Sweet and Sour Snowshoe Rabbits”…in
the next table over a very nice family of six was eating breakfast…the
little four or five year old girl was telling her Mom, ” I want pancakes not
Moose for breakfast”.

Ken Carlton
Two Hotel Lima

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